Emoji, what the ponytail girl looks like now

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Ponytail Girl: What the Baby in the Internet's Popular Emoji Will Look Like in 10 Years (You'll Be Surprised)

In fact, this photo is an image from the American show Charlie's Luck!Emoji, what the ponytail girl looks like now-1-lacecat     

  This emotional, confused face of a little girl applies to many life scenarios. Only the inscription has not been added to this screenshot. Our colleagues from Parent.ru learned about the current life and appearance of this baby from the inscriptions.

Emoji, what the ponytail girl looks like now-2-lacecat

       In fact, this is not a photo of a random girl found on the Internet, but the American TV series "Good Luck Charlie!", which started in 2010. an image from the show "Good Luck Charlie!" which started in 2010.

     The ponytailed baby is played by actress Mia Talerico. This girl was born in California in 2008. Both of her parents are professional TV people, so the choice of work in Mia's life was obvious.Emoji, what the ponytail girl looks like now-3-lacecat   Mia was only 11 months old when the movie was filmed. But this did not stop her from working on the site. The baby was not capricious, and there were always parents around to distract the girl with toys.

    In 2014, the show was discontinued, and Mia suspended her acting career in favor of studying at school. In addition, she engaged in dance, skiing, etc. In 2017, Mia decided to recall her acting experience, starring in the short film "Photographic Memory". A year later, she was cast in the horror film Are You Still Scared? in which she played Christina.

   Now 14 years old, Mia is mature, but living the life of a normal teenager. Nothing reveals her former TV stardom except the number of fans. The girl actively shares her photos on social networks.

When is my Tareko's birthday?

15 years (2008)

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