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Kate Moss is one of the most famous blonde girls in the UK, but her most famous is her pink hair from the 1990s.

This supermodel agreed to dye her hair with fluorescent powder to attend the 1999 Versace Spring Fashion Show.

In 1998, Jurgen Teller took a photo of Kate lying in bed, with pink hair draped over the pillow, and referred to the photo as "Young Pink Kate.".

For over 20 years, this photo has been seen everywhere on Instagram.Kate Moss. Pretty Red Hair Classic-1-lacecatIn an interview with Nick Knight from ShowStudio, Kate revealed that she only dyed her hair for a week.

"It's so sad because this photo looks good at first," she told Knight, who often worked with Calvin Klein at the time, and she had to respond to Knight.

She requested to return to dark hair.

Now, decades after that iconic transformation, Kate has regained her pink hair at the Mark Jacobs resort hotel event.These photos were taken by Halle Weir and designed by Danielle Emerson, showcasing an aging Kate with straight pink hair, reminiscent of Versace's legendary transformation.

In the photo, she is wearing Jacob's iconic sky high Kiki boots, styling two classic designer bags: a bucket bag and a salmon pink J Marc shoulder bag.

This moment marks the 22nd anniversary of Moss's first appearance in Mark Jacobs's campaign in the autumn of 2000, confirming her role as a long-term brand collaborator, supporter, and friend.Nicola Clarke, the famous blonde mastermind behind Moss, had previously told Vogue that she had "very naturally" achieved the iconic tone of this supermodel.

She said, "She often leaves and gets kissed by the sun, and I just reinforced that.".Kate Moss is the darling of design master Calvin Klein. Although she is not tall and does not have a proud and plump figure, she is even a bit bony. However, fashion masters love to use her as a fashion show model.

Photographer Nick Knight believes that Moss has a beautiful exterior, a strong inner self, and exceptional intelligence.

These advantages blend perfectly with her, so she can attract countless people to be obsessed with her and ensure that she always stands at the forefront of the fashion stage

Kate Moss, who made her debut at the age of 14, stands 1.64 metres tall and has a bony figure that resembles an undeveloped child, with slightly deformed O-shaped legs and freckles on her face. In many people's eyes, she is not a beauty.

But Kate Moss never hides the small marks on her face, and her small freckles and indifferent eyes always make people feel the strong vitality behind her clothes.

Kate Moss's strange appearance and expression touches people's hearts; she conveys a certain characteristic and quality of complex human nature to everyone through her demeanour and appearance, which is where her personal charm lies. Therefore, Kate Moss can create her own world in the world of supermodels like clouds; becoming a popular symbol in the eyes of the world.

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