female death row inmates,Before the young woman Niu Xiaoxiu was shot, she urinary incontinence

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 Niu Xiaoxiu was born into a peasant family in China.During a time of material scarcity,she often faced food shortages,and pursuing education was considered a luxury.

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 To alleviate her parents'burden,she made the difficult decision to drop out of junior high school and find work to support her family.However,being young and lacking skills,she faced limited options.Manual labor and technical work were not viable choices for her.

 One day,while searching for work in the city with her companions,Niu Xiaoxiu stumbled upon a barber shop that was recruiting apprentices.Curious,she decided to inquire about the opportunity.

 The shop owner assessed Niu Xiaoxiu and decided to take her on as an apprentice.As a simple country girl,she had come to the city with the intention of learning a skill that would secure her future.Little did she know that her decision would lead her down an irreversible path.

 Working at the barber shop exposed Niu Xiaoxiu to male customers on a daily basis.Due to her beauty,she became the object of desire for many of these customers.The shop would be crowded with people,particularly at night.

 Although men frequently confessed their love to her,Niu Xiaoxiu always ignored their advances.Unfortunately,this only fueled their determination,and the stream of admirers remained constant.

 The shop owner was delighted by this attention,and Niu Xiaoxiu became the centerpiece of the establishment.

 However,when beauty becomes a curse,human nature can reveal its darkest side.

 Niu Xiaoxiu's beauty not only failed to bring her happiness but transformed into a nightmare.

 One day,a handsome man visited the shop.He carefully observed Niu Xiaoxiu,wearing a satisfied smile.He had set out to ensnare this beautiful woman in his invisible trap.

 From then on,the man executed his plan.

 He would visit the shop daily,lavishing Niu Xiaoxiu with expensive gifts such as bags and inviting her to dine at fancy restaurants.In time,Niu Xiaoxiu fell for him.Not only was he handsome,but he was also wealthy.She dreamt of a better life with him,one that could benefit her family as well.

 Little did she know that she was about to embark on an irreversible path.

 Once Niu Xiaoxiu became involved with this man,she discovered his true nature as a drug dealer.Tragically,she accidentally fell into the trap and became addicted to drugs herself.

 Regret consumed Niu Xiaoxiu,but she felt trapped.With one misstep,she spent all her wages from the barber shop on drugs.She had no choice but to continue feeding her addiction.However,without money,she couldn't sustain her habit.She faced a dilemma—what should she do?

 At this point,her boyfriend saw an opportunity.He urged her to quit working at the barber shop and instead join him in selling drugs.He promised a better future and assured her that if either of them were caught,they would not betray each other.He pledged to take care of her family,allowing her mother to live out her remaining years in peace.

 Torn between her boyfriend's persuasive words and her own dire situation,she made a compromise and began using her body to transport drugs.

 Unbeknownst to her,the police quickly targeted her and apprehended her.

 During the interrogation,she refused to disclose her boyfriend's whereabouts,shouldering the full responsibility for the crime.Consequently,she was sentenced to death.

 However,she never anticipated that her boyfriend would never resurface.He couldn't even protect himself,let alone take care of her family.

 On the day of her execution,Niu Xiaoxiu knelt on the ground,head lowered deeply.Fear had overwhelmed her to the point of incontinence,soaking her jeans with urine.

female death row inmates,Before the young woman Niu Xiaoxiu was shot, she urinary incontinence-2-lacecat

 At the age of only 26,Niu Xiaoxiu's life withered away,leaving people filled with regret.It is uncertain whether she harbored any regrets or if she fantasized about a different life.She should have pursued an ordinary existence—getting married,having children,and showing filial piety to her parents.

Case perspective 2:

 In 1994,Niu Xiaoxiu,a drug dealer,faced a tragic end when she was shot to death.Before her execution,she experienced immense fear that caused her legs to give way,resulting in her urinating.Despite her involvement in drug trafficking,she was considered a kindhearted person.Niu Xiaoxiu was deceived by a man who manipulated her into selling drugs,and after her arrest,her boyfriend disappeared,leaving her to face the consequences alone.

 Born in 1968 in a remote mountain village in Yunnan,China,Niu Xiaoxiu grew up in a challenging environment where even having a full meal was rare.Due to her family's poverty,she was unable to attend school and instead worked on the farm to support her family.This situation created resentment in her as she questioned why her brother,who continued his education,received preferential treatment.These feelings of injustice fueled her desire to change her circumstances.

 At the age of 16,her parents encouraged her to find work in the city to earn money.However,Niu Xiaoxiu realized that life in the city was not easy,and her parents only cared about the money she could bring back,disregarding her well-being.

 Feeling deeply hurt by her family's favoritism towards her brother,Niu Xiaoxiu decided to leave home at the age of 20.Recognizing that education was not an option for her,she understood the importance of acquiring a skill to improve her life prospects.She found an apprenticeship at a hair salon,as hairdressing was a respected and well-paying profession at that time.

 While everything seemed to be going well as Niu Xiaoxiu established her own hair salon,her life took an unexpected turn when a wealthy man visited the salon in 1992.Impressed by her hairdressing skills,he gave her a large tip and revealed that he was involved in border business.Intrigued,Niu Xiaoxiu developed a relationship with him,unaware of his involvement in drug trafficking.

 One day,Niu Xiaoxiu discovered her boyfriend consuming drugs and,out of curiosity,tried them herself.Unknowingly,she became addicted and gradually depleted her savings and even sold her hair salon to sustain her habit.Her boyfriend,taking advantage of her addiction,convinced her to participate in drug trafficking,claiming it was the only way out.

 In 1994,Niu Xiaoxiu was arrested for her involvement in drug trafficking.Despite her fear during the interrogation,she chose to remain silent about her boyfriend's whereabouts,believing his promise to take care of her parents.Niu Xiaoxiu held onto her misplaced trust in him until her execution.

 Ironically,shortly after Niu Xiaoxiu's death,her boyfriend colluded with another woman,involving her in drug trafficking.It wasn't until two years later that her boyfriend was captured and confessed,absolving Niu Xiaoxiu of the blame for her drug abuse and involvement in drug trafficking.

 Niu Xiaoxiu's story serves as a tragic reminder of how a series of unfortunate circumstances,manipulation,and addiction can lead someone down a path of no return.It highlights the importance of education,equal treatment of children regardless of gender,and the devastating consequences of involvement with drugs.

Case perspective 3:

In 1981, in China, 13-year-old Niu Xiaoxiu was already known as a beautiful student. One morning, as she walked to school on the bluestone path, she found a small piece of paper in her schoolbag. It read, "You are so good-looking, let's be friends."

When Niu Xiaoxiu opened the note, her face turned instantly red, and her heart started beating faster. She realized she was no longer an innocent little girl. Gradually, she began spending more time focusing on her appearance rather than studying her textbooks.

During exams, her mind was preoccupied not with axioms and ancient poems, but with the attention she received from boys in class. Three years later, Niu Xiaoxiu failed the high school entrance examination. The family's savings were spent on her brother's marriage, leaving no money for her to repeat her studies. With no other option, her parents sent her to the city to make a living.

In the city, relatives arranged an apprenticeship for her at a barbershop. Niu Xiaoxiu displayed remarkable talent and quickly acquired the necessary skills. Her abilities improved over time, and combined with her enduring beauty, she soon became a highly sought-after hairdresser in the barbershop.

Every day, numerous men visited the shop not just for a haircut, but also to engage in conversation with Niu Xiaoxiu. However, she found no happiness in this attention. She had witnessed these tactics back in school, and most of these men were unemployed youths from the neighborhood. Niu Xiaoxiu desired to find a wealthy and handsome boyfriend who could provide her with a prosperous life.

One day, a tall, handsome, and well-mannered man entered the barbershop. Niu Xiaoxiu washed his hair, and he treated her with great respect. As he left, the man generously tipped Niu Xiaoxiu. He subsequently invited her to dinner on multiple occasions.

Based on the man's appearance, conversation, and behavior, Niu Xiaoxiu concluded that he was a "rich second generation" – a term used to describe someone born into wealth. Niu Xiaoxiu saw this as an opportunity to secure a high-quality partner, so she eagerly accepted the man's invitation and happily moved in with him.

However, Niu Xiaoxiu's dream of Prince Charming turned into a nightmare when she discovered that her boyfriend was a drug dealer. Taking advantage of her distracted state, he tricked her into consuming a "candy."

Before long, Niu Xiaoxiu developed an addiction to these "sugar pills." Whenever her addiction flared up, she experienced intense discomfort, as if her entire body was being consumed by ants. To satisfy her cravings, she decided to join her boyfriend in selling drugs. Over the following years, Niu Xiaoxiu's appetite for drugs grew larger and larger. During a meeting with her offline contacts, the police targeted and arrested her.

In 1994, at the execution site in the suburbs, Niu Xiaoxiu knelt on the ground, awaiting her impending fate. Fear overwhelmed her, causing her body to tremble and sweat profusely.

Niu Xiaoxiu knew her life was about to end. Consumed by fear, she lost control of her body and helplessly observed as she involuntarily urinated. The urine stains on her jeans became a conspicuous indicator of her humiliation.

People around her pointed and ridiculed. In that moment, Niu Xiaoxiu reflected on her life. Memories of her countryside hometown, her parents' loving upbringing, and the attention she received from her male classmates in junior high school flooded her mind. These memories were about to be erased, overshadowed by her tragic fate.

Tip: Drug trafficking is a serious violation of Chinese law!

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