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Finnish Proverbs Collection

The first condition for all victories is to defeat oneself.

The lives of Finnish writer Silampa people are overly uniform and can be annoying if they drag on for too long.

Finnish writer and 1939 Nobel Prize laureate in literature,Sir Sirenpe,is a creative puzzle with a nature of secrecy,as they often say:"rules and regulations";For children,it is somewhat of a terrifying existence.

Finnish writer Silanpa,after a single impact,forgot and continued to live in a new situation.

Finnish writer and 1939 Nobel laureate in literature,Siempe

Finnish Proverbs Collection Extension 1

A tree may fall with an axe,but a tree may not fall with reason.

Ambition is not in age,reason is not in speaking.

Eat rice and speak logically.

The mouth that eats people is soft,and the reasoning that speaks of people is short.

Eat with flavor and speak with reason.

I can walk without shadow,and I can talk without reason.

The tongue is fleshy,in fact it is made of iron.

The light is not on,someone needs to dial it;The matter is unclear,someone needs to speak.

If the light is not turned on or on,it is unclear why.

Finnish Proverbs Collection Expansion II

Conquer the population with momentum and the people with reason.

Let a person take one inch,but take one foot.

To speak the truth with reason,but to speak rudely without reason.

Think rationally and rush to speak without reason.

A reasonable person is not afraid of pressure,and a upright person is not afraid of crooked shadows.

Reason is not in words,but in words.

Reason cannot be lost,reason cannot be disputed.

Win with reason,lose without reason.

Reasonably put it in practice,and use good steel to the edge.

Reasonably travel the world,but without reason,it is difficult to move a single step.

Finnish Proverbs Collection Expansion Three

Good people argue,bad people argue.

Good tea is not afraid of fine tasting,and good deeds are not afraid of detailed discussion.

Good wine is not afraid of brewing,and good people are not afraid of speaking.

The endless road,the endless reason.

I'm afraid of rainstorm when I walk,and I'm afraid of reason when I talk.

The mouth of the altar can be sealed,but the population cannot be sealed.

The reason is not short,the mouth is not soft.

Finnish proverb, "Beautiful people" are "people who live like themselves"

If I ask the Finnish men and women around me, "What kind of people are beautiful?", I will get this answer.

"A person who lives like themselves" "A person who is honest with what they want to do and develops with their own strength"

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On the other hand, what about the common image of "beauty" in Chinese society.

Her skin is crystal clear, without pores, her hair is smooth, her nose is slender, her eyelashes are long and clear, her hands and feet are slender, and there is no excess hair. These women are regarded by the media as "beautiful people", and the company uses her to promote them. People unconsciously regard her as an absolute unified standard in their minds and hearts.

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For many young Finns, "beauty" means valuing one's personality and also means that everyone has to face their own life.

There are hardly any specific physical features there.

Although there are media and groups with long eyelashes, thick lips, tanned skin, and such a beautiful appearance, not many people place absolute value there.

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In addition to the sparsely skinned Nordic Caucasus region known as the "Finns", the people who make up Finland also include refugees from Somalia, Iraq, and other regions, immigrants like me from China and other countries, as well as Sami people.

Indigenous peoples and so on.

Because many people have various colors of skin and eyes, many people understand that beauty cannot have a standard.

For many people, the most important thing is that this person is most like that person, living a rich and happy life, and having such a brilliant life is the most beautiful idea.

Many people share the same idea.

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Standing in front of someone else's mirror, you can never see yourself.

Just like how others live brilliantly, you can only be monotonically illuminated by their reflected light at most, and you can never stand in the center of the stage.

At this time, you will feel that your whole body, and even the world you are currently in, is black and white, without the sound of birds and the fragrance of flowers, nor the sunlight shining.

In fact, even if you are currently difficult, unbearable, or confused, you must tell yourself to continue moving towards the direction of "living your own life".

As writer Feng Tang once said

"Dare to be yourself, dare to express yourself, dare to please yourself, in order to stand firm in this chaotic world and live out one's own pattern."

If a person cannot truly live themselves, they will gradually become a small broken ship in the sea, feeling like they have nothing and don't know where to sail, swaying and turbulent, and restless for a lifetime.

So, people became anxious and anxious, increasingly distrustful of themselves, and unsure of what to do. In the end, the ship was lost in the vast sea and left sadly.

In fact, the more a person dares to be themselves, whether in good or bad times, the more the world will open up a new continent for you in your life.

Only by daring to be oneself, improving oneself, and ultimately, can one live their true selves.

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