Leela, the girl is a bit nervous when taking photos

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Leela is the protagonist of today's popular story🖤 This time it's also mood... Becoming very nervous.... 

The makeup is so beautiful... Can I use lipstick products? 😍😍😍😍 

Leela, the girl is a bit nervous when taking photos-1-lacecat

Leela, the girl is a bit nervous when taking photos-2-lacecat

Leela, the girl is a bit nervous when taking photos-3-lacecat

We’ve run out of buckshot for location shooting this year.

I’m really tired, hot and dizzy😠 

Leela, the girl is a bit nervous when taking photos-4-lacecat

I don’t know why I feel so dizzy today.

Maybe I slept for two hours before being exposed to the sun to get dehydrated. 

Leela, the girl is a bit nervous when taking photos-5-lacecat

The three of us don’t know when

I suddenly made an appointment for a photo shoot that tortured me. 

Leela, the girl is a bit nervous when taking photos-6-lacecat

Then they each prepare props, clothes, and do their own makeup and hair. 

Leela, the girl is a bit nervous when taking photos-7-lacecat

Be a woman with substance; Holding onto the corner of the table, biting an apple in my mouth, pitiful and heartbreaking, but I really want to take a bite of this apple;

Occasionally lying on the carpet, basking in the warm sun, playfully looking back at you, mischievous and mischievous;

Pulling her small ears with her slender little hands, she gave a slight smile at the corner of her mouth. It was so tempting, and I really wanted to bask in the sun with her;

With just one pair of eyes, one can capture the soul, and a light makeup can further show the radiance of the eyes. Whether sitting or standing, the elegant appearance is unforgettable at a glance.

The delicate and beautiful appearance of women makes people feel the beauty of the world

Why do I feel nervous when taking photos?

When taking a photo, I feel nervous and trembling at the sight of the camera

Psychological perspective: There may be psychological barriers when taking photos, such as inferiority, nervousness, and discomfort. These problems can make people feel unhappy and lead to physical reactions, such as sweating, shaking, and stiff facial expressions.

Physiological perspective: During photography, the body's autonomic nervous system is activated, causing reactions such as increased heart rate and rapid breathing. This is a natural response of the body to external stimuli and a necessary condition for ensuring the body's functioning.

Social perspective: Social anxiety may be one of the reasons for nervousness when taking photos. Under the influence of social aesthetics, people with low self-esteem may worry about their image not being good enough and may be criticized or ridiculed by others, leading to increased nervousness.

How to solve this problem? Here are several suggestions.

Relaxing the body: Deep breathing, relaxed muscles, and a calm nervous system can help reduce the body's response. Before taking photos, you can do some deep breathing and muscle relaxation exercises to reduce the tension during photography.

Psychological regulation: adopting a positive mindset and confident attitude can help alleviate tense emotions. Tell yourself that taking photos is to leave beautiful memories and not to worry about other people's evaluations, which will help to relax your mindset.

Social support: Taking photos with family and friends can help alleviate tension and receive support and encouragement from those around you.

Correct mindset: Understand your own shortcomings, learn to be tolerant, and not pursue perfection too much. Accept your own shortcomings and believe that everyone has their own beauty.

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