Which race is most common for albinism?

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It is a fact that Africans suffer from albinism. Albinism is a common pigment deficiency skin disease that can occur in people of any race and skin color.

The incidence rate of albinism in Africa is slightly lower than that in other regions, but it cannot be ignored.

Of course, not all of Africa is black, and one group is white, but their skin appears sickly pale. And it was these white skin tones that brought them the trouble of murder.

These black people actually suffer from albinism, which is quite common in humans. Their bodies do not contain melanin, making them particularly eye-catching in predominantly black Africa.

But this white color also brings them some danger, because in the eyes of local African shamans, their bodies and blood are a kind of medicine and a "artifact" that can bring good luck to people.

This also leads to severe persecution of albino black people in society, and some even pursue them.

Their finger costs $3000, almost more than gold.

This has also attracted the attention of African governments, who have enacted laws prohibiting the hunting of albino patients. However, it is useless to talk to people who sometimes cannot even eat enough. The temptation of $2000 is too strong for them. Later, there were even cases of black groups rushing into police stations to steal patients. Finally, the government instructed the police to provide 24-hour protection for these albino patients to prevent them from being harmed again.

Beautiful albino patients

The photographer captured the beauty of albinism patients!

Photographer Julia Tatz, with her unique perspective and keen insight, successfully captured the unique charm of albinism patients through photography art.Which race is most common for albinism?-1-lacecat

Which race is most common for albinism?-2-lacecat

   Albinism, a rare disease that causes a partial or complete loss of melanin in the body of patients, resulting in their skin showing a peculiar white color and their hair becoming noticeably white.Which race is most common for albinism?-3-lacecat

Which race is most common for albinism?-4-lacecat

   Julia has carefully crafted two eye-catching projects for this unique skin condition - Porcelain Beauty and Porcelain Beauty Which race is most common for albinism?-5-lacecat

Which race is most common for albinism?-6-lacecat

   In these projects, Julia captured the beauty and confidence of patients with albinism through her camera. Her portrait works showcase the unique charm of the models, encouraging them to face life with a more positive attitude when facing this rare disease.Which race is most common for albinism?-7-lacecat

Which race is most common for albinism?-8-lacecat

   These works undoubtedly demonstrate Julia's profound artistic skills and profound understanding of human nature. When we appreciate these works, we cannot help but be attracted by the confidence and uniqueness of the models.Which race is most common for albinism?-9-lacecatWhich race is most common for albinism?-10-lacecat

   Their white hair combines with their skin to create an irresistible charm. This is exactly what Julia wants us to see - the inner beauty and strength of albinism patients.Which race is most common for albinism?-11-lacecatWhich race is most common for albinism?-12-lacecatWhich race is most common for albinism?-13-lacecat

   Their eyes, smiles, and body posture all convey a strong sense of confidence and determination, as if saying, "This is me, the unique meWhich race is most common for albinism?-14-lacecatWhich race is most common for albinism?-15-lacecat

  Julia's photography not only showcases the beauty of albino patients, but also showcases their perseverance and love for life to the world.

  These works undoubtedly raise public awareness of albinism and make us realize that everyone has their unique value and beauty, regardless of skin color, hair color, or any other differences.

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