74 year old beauty, over 30 year old woman

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74 year old beauty, even surpassing a 30 year old woman in beauty

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Until recently, young people were still regarded as beautiful models in the fashion industry, and it seems that the younger they are, the more they can control the unparalleled peak of success.

They vividly depict fashion trends for each season and age group.

Despite the constant changes in fashion, models seem to be timeless, showcasing almost childlike faces time and time again.

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Time flies, thousands of years have passed.

Older women and men have gained more and more space to showcase themselves in this fashion carnival.

Even in Slovakia, we have many former models who are still very beautiful, but they do not appear on the front pages of runway shows or fashion magazines.

The neighboring Czech Republic is actively responding to this innovative trend.

For example, Michaela K, 74 years old ř Iv á nkov á is one of the highly anticipated models.

When the fashion agency once again offered her an olive branch, it was undoubtedly a pleasant collaboration.

When did you start modeling?

I have been working in the modeling industry since I was a little girl with yellow hair.

The visits of designers Milada Jochcov á and Helena Wahnerov á were like the guidance of the goddess of fate, asking me to showcase the LUV series to them.

It's like a shining pearl, guiding me into the hall of fashion.

I have been working in the sales department of LUV for over 20 years, injecting endless vitality into this magical fashion world.

During my six-year maternity leave, I devoted myself wholeheartedly to the modeling industry, serving BOK and S Č In the performances of various brands such as MVD and Ö d í v á n í, I felt like a fashion elf shuttling between fashion salons and department stores.

Those years of experience, like a sweet spring, provided a continuous source of inspiration for my future exploration in the fashion industry.

Years of work experience have accumulated rich experience in organizing and managing fashion exhibitions.

I have integrated these valuable experiences into my work and have been responsible for managing fashion exhibitions.

In this process, I learned how to perfectly blend every subtle element together to form a successful fashion show.

Although I have been struggling in this industry for many years, I firmly believe that the road ahead is still long, and I still have countless passions and ideas waiting to explore and practice.

74 year old beauty, over 30 year old woman-3-lacecat

When did you return to the dock?

I can't even say that I have returned to the dock.

Those performances were not the rewards I expected.

A white haired woman in her 60s, who is relatively rare in China, has now stepped onto the world stage as a model.

Which brands and companies have chosen your beauty products? I once worked for artist B á ra Vogeltanzov á - Jel é n í ž Ivky takes photos to document her artistic soul.

74 year old beauty, over 30 year old woman-4-lacecat

Do you still remember Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week, designer Luk á š At the fashion show at Kramgala Palace, I felt like I was in it.

I have taken photos for MARIANNE magazine and DOLCEVITA magazine, and to my surprise, I made it to the front page of both magazines.

I also took photos for SOFA magazine, GLANZ magazine, and designer Zuzana Kub í č kov á's collection, all of which are gemstones embedded in my time.

Occasionally, I also participate in advertisements or casting for extras, trying out different roles and challenges.

Do you still like it? Because it must be very difficult?

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   Of course, it's very difficult. Sometimes it's crazy to work until night, and sometimes it's great. But I really enjoy it. I met interesting people and arrived at a place I wouldn't have gone to.

For example, when you go shopping, are you still drawing at home? Or do you prefer a plain face and feel the best wearing sports pants? I have been wearing makeup all my life, so I don't mind going out without makeup.

How do you relax? Do you exercise? How do you eat?

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I don't often go on a diet or exercise, and I don't have a strong desire for it either.

I eat everything, I don't limit myself.

In summer, I am very active from morning till night and often go swimming.

Regular exercise is always a New Year's resolution.

When I return to Prague, I will enjoy the pleasure of integrating into social activities. Exhibitions, dramas, cinemas, parades.

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What does a 70 year old woman's skin look like?

After the age of 70, it is the watershed of age, and these four changes in the body are mostly normal phenomena of aging

Many people say that after the age of 70, it is the watershed of age. At this stage, the body has aged and organ function has decreased. It is necessary to take good care of it and develop correct habits to resist aging. Indeed, some people live like children at the age of 60, looking young and full of vitality. But after the age of 70, natural aging, decline in organ function, and many changes cannot be hidden. If you notice it, you should take care of it as soon as possible and effectively resist aging by adhering to a good lifestyle.

1. Full of white hair

After the age of 70, this change in white hair is related to aging and is a normal phenomenon. Young people still maintain good hair follicle function, normal production of melanin, shiny and dark hair, and a smooth touch.

But as age increases and the aging rate accelerates, the amount of raw materials for synthesizing melanin is insufficient, and the function of hair follicles gradually decreases, which is why hair loss occurs. The originally dark hair is no longer maintained, but gradually turns white. Aging can be detected from changes in color, and in such cases, hair should be taken good care of while actively combating aging.

2. Skin condition deteriorates

Young people have smooth skin to the touch, and their skin is delicate and tender to the naked eye. But during the aging process, the moisture content of skin cells gradually decreases, and many wrinkles are found on the skin, making facial expressions more pronounced.

In addition, the body declines, metabolism slows down, melanin accumulates, and facial skin presents with many spots, melasma, and age spots, all of which are signs of aging. In addition, during the aging process, the skin around the eyes becomes thinner and subcutaneous fat decreases, resulting in more obvious dark circles under the eyes. These changes in the facial skin condition belong to the changes of aging.

3. Difficulty in legs and feet

Poor mobility, slow walking speed, occasional joint pain, and bone pain also indicate aging. As one ages, bones and joints gradually deteriorate, and with the wear and tear caused by daily activities and exercise, it is difficult for joints to maintain a completely healthy state.

If you walk for a long time, have too much activity without proper rest, you will feel local pain and discomfort. Young people, on the other hand, are physically strong and maintain good health. They walk at a fast pace, with agile and steady steps. If you find that your walking posture, speed, and other aspects have changed, you won't be able to resist aging.

4. Easy to constipate

Easy constipation is a change that occurs during the aging stage, and young people maintain sufficient intestinal motility and fast peristalsis. They consume food every day, absorb nutrients in a timely manner, and produce metabolic waste that can be excreted in a timely manner. Therefore, they defecate once or twice a day, and do not need to spend much time during the defecation process.

But during the aging process, the intestinal motility gradually decreases and the peristalsis slows down, making it easier to suffer from constipation. Sometimes, if you haven't used the toilet for several consecutive days, it may take a long time to feel like you want to defecate. However, persistent constipation is not conducive to intestinal health and may also allow the intestines to reabsorb the water and harmful substances inside. It is urgent to find this warning for intestinal maintenance.

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