Paris, France, bride sparkles in fairytale wedding dress

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At the wedding host Vedrana Mari ć Under the magical command of the famous fashion photographer in Paris Š Ime E š Under Kinja's filming, Milica wore a dreamy wedding dress and bloomed a fairy tale like princess in a dance hall in Croatia.

As our wedding institution, the success of this dance hall is no longer a secret, and this exhibition will only solidify its position in the public eye.

Each wedding becomes a visual feast in the hearts of guests with its unique fairy tale style.Paris, France, bride sparkles in fairytale wedding dress-1-lacecatBeautiful Milica Mihajlovi ć Not only a model, but also a person with profound emotions and passion for life.

Following Ecija Ivu š I ć And Antonija Mi š After ura, she showed us her styling skills for the first time in Croatia.

At the event venue in the exhibition hall, she transformed the entire space into her own personal show with her extremely high aesthetic taste.Paris, France, bride sparkles in fairytale wedding dress-2-lacecat

Milika appeared in every corner of the banquet hall wearing a beautiful wedding dress. These gorgeous wedding dresses, like elves, make people feel the magic of fairy tales.

Under the careful crafting of the elf fashion duo, Milika is like a clever squirrel, shuttling through the fairy tale forest.

Paris, France, bride sparkles in fairytale wedding dress-3-lacecatRoman Milas from Renato Kerastase hair salon and makeup artist Simona Antonovi responsible for styling ć A complete dance hall bride photo was created for Milica.

In this photo, Milica showcases her feminine side, stepping into the role in a natural and fashionable way, like those women who dream of becoming girls but still look like professional models in front of the camera.

Paris, France, bride sparkles in fairytale wedding dress-4-lacecatAs for what Milika symbolizes in this successful battle, we still need to observe.

But no matter what the future holds, we wish her all the best in her new life path and wish every moment of her life to be filled with joy and happiness.

Let's look forward to her future together!

The Croatian banquet hall has become an authority in the field of wedding planning.

They have successfully organized and designed countless "best days", which have been widely recognized not only in Croatia, but also throughout Europe.

They have traveled throughout Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Italy, leaving their mark on each venue.

One of their proudest projects is the set design of the movie "The Phantom Party". After filming this movie, we chose some scenes in Istria.

Paris, France, bride sparkles in fairytale wedding dress-5-lacecatEvery member of the team, as well as the charming Milika, did not conceal their passion for decorating the dance hall exhibition hall.

They are known for their imaginative decorations and themed weddings, with all decorative details being unique, tailored to the customer's wishes, and handcrafted.

Paris, France, bride sparkles in fairytale wedding dress-6-lacecatThe new advertising inspiration for spring and summer, jumping like the female protagonist in Disney fairy tales, mainly featuring gold and fashionable turquoise.

Considering that newlyweds usually choose to organize their weddings in the summer, the Croatian Banquet Hall provides you with a new, up-to-date, and diverse exhibition hall to ensure your satisfaction.

Paris, France, bride sparkles in fairytale wedding dress-7-lacecat

  When all potential clients and future newlyweds step into the showroom on Medulićeva Street in Zagreb,they are struck by the fairy-tale decorated space that unfolds before their eyes,offering a wide range of wedding decorations and creative solutions Impressed.

Paris, France, bride sparkles in fairytale wedding dress-8-lacecat

  There,in the almost family-like warmth of the owner Vedrana Marićand her team,they will welcome you warmly,listen to your wishes,accept your suggestions and carefully plan all the details of this important day,down to the smallest detail.That emotion of joy and relief,like the power to conquer everything,fills the hearts of everyone who is about to enter their newlywed life.

Each of us is very special.

It is with this attitude that we approach every project we undertake. We hope that vjen č anje's wedding we are hosting will be unique, allowing us to experience the personality, desires, and personalities of the newlyweds in the space. From simple elegance to rich luxury themes, it all depends on the customer's taste.

That's why we treat everyone separately - we want newlyweds to feel comfortable.

Vedrana Mari, Director of Croatian Ballroom ć We are trying to alleviate all their concerns so that they can fully enjoy the most important day.

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