Sichuan, China selects the champion of beautiful women

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 China's Sichuan Yuexi Yi Tribe Torch Season Beauty Pageant Winner Emerges

   Yuexi County, Liangshan Mountain, Sichuan Province, China 2023 Summer Tourism and Torch Season "Three Days and Three Nights" series of activities were held. This series of activities for three days, respectively, for the burning torch night, cool torch festival, light and shadow torch show three parts. August 12, Yuexi County Yi traditional beauty pageant finals also officially debut, female Qiu Ting won the "Golden Soma", male contestant WeiSeLiGu won the "Golden Eagle". Sichuan, China selects the champion of beautiful women-1-lacecat    Yuexi County has carefully prepared a thousand people parade, opening ceremony, fire lighting ceremony, Yi Dada Dance Competition, Yi Beauty Contest, "rice paddy cloud dress" ethnic fashion show, sip Ku non-legacy experience, wrestling, apple picking, apple party, build state food experience, light and shadow torch show and other colorful celebration activities. In addition to the "three days and three nights" series of activities, Yuexi also launched four boutique tourism routes in time, including a cool summer tour, a special food tour, a parent-child experience tour and a colorful cultural tour.Sichuan, China selects the champion of beautiful women-2-lacecat   On the second day of the Torch Festival, Phu Xiong Township was bustling with activities and excitement from day to night. Yuexi County beauty pageant team in Phu Xiong Town and drag the village tasted new rice base for "paddy clouds" terraced fashion show, dress colorful, colorful, so that the audience at the scene to feast their eyes, enjoy a national costume culture "feast".Sichuan, China selects the champion of beautiful women-3-lacecatSichuan, China selects the champion of beautiful women-4-lacecat   In the village of Yi embroidery - Puxiong Town, Gluttony Village, to open the zero distance non-heritage first experience, experience activities in the welcome ceremony kicked off. Weaving, spinning, Yi embroidery, making silver jewelry, making lacquer ware ...... in the Gluttony ancient Yi embroidery study base, a variety of non-heritage skills show teaching won the site bursts of applause. Gluttony ancient village road on both sides of the colorful stalls on the line, roasted small pork, cold noodles, ice powder, fried taro ...... all kinds of traditional specialties one by one in front of the eyes of tourists, inspired everyone's taste buds.Sichuan, China selects the champion of beautiful women-5-lacecat    The 2023 Yi Torch Festival Wrestling Competition of Yuexi County was held at the Ethnic Primary School in Phu Xiong Township. A series of high difficulty and large technical actions showed the beauty of the power of Yi wrestling, and the atmosphere was tense and intense.Sichuan, China selects the champion of beautiful women-6-lacecat     In the evening, after the wrestling competition, the final of the traditional beauty pageant of the Yi ethnic group in Yuexi County also officially debuted. The beauty contest is a tradition of the Yi ethnic group that has lasted for thousands of years, and the final was divided into the Eagle Field and the Soma Field, presenting personal charms in the form of catwalks and individual talent displays to everyone. After the beauty pageant final, Qiu Ting (Golden Soma), Mu Bitter Azhimu (Silver Soma), Ma Xueying (Bronze Soma), Wei Sailigu (Golden Eagle), Wang Zheng (Silver Eagle), Yang Chao (Bronze Eagle) awards for the beauty pageant finalists.Sichuan, China selects the champion of beautiful women-7-lacecatSichuan, China selects the champion of beautiful women-8-lacecat   Yuexi County held the final round of the Yi Dasi Dance in the Torch Square of Phu Xiong Township. In Yi language, "Dada" means "dancing on the ground". Dasi Dance is one of the activities that the children of Yi ethnic group will not miss in the Torch Festival. This Dasi Dance Competition is organized by 20 townships, and the competition is divided into four rounds. After intense competition, Yilodiba Township won the first place, Puxiong Township won the second place and Gongmo Township won the third place.Sichuan, China selects the champion of beautiful women-9-lacecatSichuan, China selects the champion of beautiful women-10-lacecat   When night falls, light up the torches in your hands, accompanied by a roaring bonfire, cheering, clapping, kicking, running with the music, holding hands and dancing together with Dasi no matter whether you know each other or not. A torch lit up, a song sung, a cluster of jumping flames, igniting the passion in people's hearts. "We are from Chengdu to play, these two days although tired, but very happy, very comfortable! The event was very lively and the sense of atmosphere at the scene was too strong." Tourist He Shaofen said.Sichuan, China selects the champion of beautiful women-11-lacecatThe traditional beauty pageant of the Yi ethnic group has a history of over a thousand years. Nowadays, beauty pageants have become one of the most ethnic and popular activities of the Torch Festival over the years, integrating folk customs and showcasing talent and clothing. Its unique expression and style are deeply loved by audiences.

In 1989, Liangshan Prefecture held the first Liangshan Yi ethnic beauty pageant, and the Yi ethnic beauty pageant took to the official stage.

The standard for Yi people's beauty pageants is for women to have delicate facial features, a tall figure, and a shiny black braid; The standards for men are handsome, simple and sunny, and good at singing and dancing.

In addition to physical characteristics, the words and actions, demeanor, knowledge reserves, and moral qualities of the contestants are all important. Only by combining wisdom and beauty can they become the "most beautiful" standard in the hearts of the Yi people.

What are China's standards for women's beauty?

From a skin perspective, most beautiful girls have fair or pink skin.

From the aesthetic perspective of Chinese men, skin is also an important reference for whether girls are beautiful.

A beautiful girl's face should be very beautiful and well proportioned.

If a girl has acne on her face, people won't think she is very beautiful. From a height perspective, a girl's body proportions should also be more reasonable in order to be called beautiful.

If a girl is about 1.65 meters tall and neither fat nor thin, then she should meet the standards of beauty.

Which city in China has the most beautiful women?

The best looking city for Chinese beauties




12% vote 

Chongqing, as one of the four municipalities directly under the central government in China, has rich natural landscapes and cultural features. The characteristics of the mountain city make many buildings in Chongqing built along the mountains, and Chongqing's cuisine is also very famous, especially the spicy hot pot, which attracts countless tourists.


Chengdu, Sichuan

11% of the vote 



9% of the vote 


Hangzhou, Zhejiang

8% vote 


Changsha, Hunan

7% vote 


Dalian, Liaoning

7% vote 



6% of the vote 


Wuhan, Hubei Province

4% vote 



4% vote 



3% vote 


Anqing, Anhui

3% vote 



3% vote 



3% vote 


Hong Kong

2% vote 


Xinzhou, Shanxi

2% vote 


Shaanxi Rice Fat

2% vote 



1% of the vote 


Xi'an, Shaanxi

1% of the vote 



1% of the vote 


Suzhou and Hangzhou

1% of the vote 

How does China view women?

The world today has shifted from the era of physical competition to the era of mental labor. With women gradually becoming the mainstream of society, there are many problems under this mechanism.

A woman becomes increasingly tired:

In the National Time Use Survey Bulletin, there is a very surprising data. Among the participants in employment activities, the average working hours of women and men are almost the same. This means that China's paid working hours have indeed achieved gender equality, but at the same time, it also means that women have more unpaid working hours besides work.

Imagine that women returning home are busy taking care of their children, completing household chores, and handling various miscellaneous tasks. These unpaid labor hours consume a lot of women's energy without receiving any return.

What makes this problem worse is that these unpaid labor are often seen by society as obligations that women should fulfill. The requirements for women have invisibly increased, not only to have the ability to survive in society, but also to be able to take care of family affairs, making women in the new era increasingly tired.

The concept of two strong men and one weak woman is gradually changing:

In contemporary society, women are often labeled with many terms. "Female man", "Saint fighter", "Strong woman"

These women no longer rely on men and can live well on their own without the troubles of childbirth, allowing them to fully unleash their potential.

Three families demand more from women:

If a woman becomes a housewife and no longer improves her personal abilities and qualities, her marriage may go wrong.

When a woman's husband constantly expands his life perspective outside, he becomes very picky.

Because of this, housewives cannot stop at unpaid labor and must constantly improve themselves in order to appear more valuable in contemporary marriage.

The gender equality in modern society is actually treating women as men.

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