The handsome King of Bhutan abolished polygamy for love

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Queen of Bhutan, the most handsome king has abolished polygamy for her 'for life'.The handsome King of Bhutan abolished polygamy for love-1-lacecatThe Bhutanese royal family officially announced on social media in June that Queen Jetsun Pema was pregnant with her third child.She and the King of Bhutan have been described as the most popular royal couple;not only is the man handsome and the woman beautiful,but their love story is equally touching,and the King has even abolished polygamy,which had been in place for years!Queen Gyaltsen Pema has recently been the subject of a netizen debate over the way she wears traditional Bhutanese dress,so let's get to know the legendary woman who has become a global sensation in the royal family.The handsome King of Bhutan abolished polygamy for love-2-lacecatBorn in 1980,Bhutan's King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck is 43 years old,a full 10 years after Jigme Pema,who was born in 1990.
On 20 May 2011,Wangchuck,31,announced that he was marrying Pema,20:"As a king,it is time for me to get married.After much deliberation,I have decided to hold the wedding in October this year."At the time,he made an emotional declaration of love:"I don't know what kind of person Gyaltsen Pema is to my people,but to me,she is the one."He said that he would insist on a lifetime of marriage and that the Bhutanese constitution had changed from polygamy to monogamy.

The handsome King of Bhutan abolished polygamy for love-3-lacecat      It is also rumoured that the two fell in love at first sight when Jizen Pema was seven years old, which is not confirmed but adds to the sweet vibe of the romance.The handsome King of Bhutan abolished polygamy for love-4-lacecat     Family background of the Queen of Bhutan

Queen of Bhutan pregnant with her third child! The legendary Jizen Pema, a royal sensation whose traditional dress is a hot topic and whose monogamy was changed by the most handsome king.

When it comes to this young queen of the 90s, many would call her the 'Queen of the Commoners', but she is no Cinderella, but rather a common white beauty! While her father is the grandson of the former governor of Tashigang and has worked as a commercial pilot for Bahrain Air for the past 22 years, her mother comes from the influential Bumthang family of Bhutan and is one of the goddaughters of the former King of Bhutan. In this way, Jizen Pema's family is still considered related to the Bhutanese royal family.The handsome King of Bhutan abolished polygamy for love-5-lacecatAfter excelling at school and getting into the best schools in India, Jizhen Pema went on to study International Relations at Regent's University in London, UK, and is fluent in Dzongkha, the official language of Bhutan, as well as English and Hindi. She is also a fan of art and basketball and was captain of the university basketball team while at university.The handsome King of Bhutan abolished polygamy for love-6-lacecat     Whether she is in Bhutan to receive a foreign guest or on a foreign visit, Queen Gyaltsen Pema is always seen in her national dress, the kira, and in her recent public appearances she has shown her sense of style by wearing a stylish traditional outfit with boutique brand accessories, which has caused quite a stir!

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     When she and the King travelled to the UK in May to attend a reception ahead of the coronation of King Charles III, she wore a Bvlgari Serpentine gold clutch with her traditional orange Bhutanese dress, which was both elegant and eye-catching.

The handsome King of Bhutan abolished polygamy for love-8-lacecat

    For the coronation ceremony, Gizen Pema donned a traditional dress in a soft shade of purple, paired with a pink Christian Louboutin clutch, which was praised by many media for not overwhelming the crowd but still maintaining elegance!

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    At the wedding of the Crown Prince of Jordan, Queen Gizen Pema also took the same Christian Louboutin clutch bag, and it seems that, like Princess Kate, she is also a royal who is very good at repeating her outfits.

The handsome King of Bhutan abolished polygamy for love-10-lacecat

     Prince William and Princess Kate also visited Bhutan in 2016, when Kate wore traditional Bhutanese dress and Queen Gyaltsen Pema greeted her in a bright red kira, showing off their respective beauty.

The handsome King of Bhutan abolished polygamy for love-11-lacecat

Bhutan is not only known as the happiest country in the world, it also has the happiest royal family, making everyone even more excited for the birth of Bhutan's third little prince!

Recommendation requires understanding:

Does Bhutan allow polygamy?

Polygamy is still allowed

We all know the terms matrilineal clan, patrilineal clan, and so on. In Bhutan, women have a higher status than men. For example, when it comes to inheriting family property, the eldest daughter inherits first, followed by the son. Even in some underdeveloped areas of Bhutan, polygamy is allowed.

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