North Korean beautiful men with different personalities

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The North Korean beauty has no temper and speaks softly. The North Korean man has a serious face and a noble heart in his bones

Travelling in North Korea, you will find that North Korean women are gentle, hardworking and kind, combining almost all the strengths of women.

They have almost no tantrums and speak softly.

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At the hotel we met a goddess level gatekeeper. The little girl was very innocent and we smiled at her. She was also very friendly.

The gentlemen from the same industry came forward to take a group photo as a souvenir.

They don't mind at all, they keep smiling.

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The underground workers in North Korea are all girls.

They are educated and good-looking, but they are worried about getting married because they work underground every day and rarely have male colleagues.

The subway drivers are the happiest.

Although they are small, they are all men, surrounded by girls every day, full of happiness.

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North Korean men have their own pride, especially those who work in state institutions in the big cities, they have a noble temperament in their bones.

A North Korean man walked along the streets of Pyongyang, passing a bus, and through the window we saw serious faces.

Compared to the fair and beautiful skin of women, North Korean men have a darker skin tone and a less smooth face.

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Our tour bus had two tour guides, a beautiful female tour guide and a dark male tour guide.

The female guide spoke softly and answered everyone's questions non-stop.

Before and after the race, the attractions and hotels are very busy.

The male guide acted as if he had nothing to do with him.

It seems natural to talk to the male guide with a smile on his face.

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What's more difficult for us to understand is that couples pass by on the street from time to time, the man is riding, and the woman in the back seat is full of happiness.

What does Kim Il sung believe in?

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The North Korean people will remember Kim Il sung's belief in "putting the people first"

From his teenage years in his teens to his later years at the age of 80, Kim Il sung has long received absolute support and trust from the North Korean people for his outstanding ideas, leadership, and character. His life was a noble life of a people's leader who regarded "putting the people first" as his motto, reflected in his thoughts and leadership, and made it a reality.

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The paper points out that Kim Il sung raised the banner of North Korea's independence for the first time, defining it as the principle and method of revolution, and reflecting it. Based on the principle of autonomy, he continuously developed inter party and inter country relations with other countries.

Kim Il sung relied on his political ideology and strategic and tactical advantages in revolutionary warfare to defeat imperialist enemies who had numerical and technological advantages, becoming a steel commander, an outstanding military strategist, and a symbol of anti imperialist struggle, earning praise and trust from people around the world.

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Kim Il sung treats and takes care of the people with sincerity and simple character, possessing a great heart and sincere human touch. He has formed deep friendships with political parties and leaders of countries around the world who aspire to autonomy, as well as many famous figures in politics, society, and academia.

Kim Il sung established the great subject ideology, ushered in a new era of subject revolution, and demonstrated the victory of subject ideology in guiding social revolution at all stages, achieving indelible achievements in various fields of revolution and construction.

Kim Il sung excellently solved the problem of inheriting the revolutionary cause, providing a reliable guarantee for the successful inheritance and completion of the main revolutionary cause across centuries and generations.

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