The strength beneath the gentle exterior of North Korean women

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North Korean girls look gentle and beautiful, but they also have a tough side   

When it comes to North Korean girls, many people think they are beautiful and gentle.

It makes sense to say that there are men in the south and women in the north. I have been to South Korea before, and I really feel this way when I come to North Korea this time.

North Korean men are very handsome, while North Korean girls are very beautiful.

The strength beneath the gentle exterior of North Korean women-1-lacecat

Some people say that these North Korean girls were selected, and there is indeed a reason for this

But from the ordinary girls seen on the streets of Pyongyang,

North Korean girls are still very beautiful.

The strength beneath the gentle exterior of North Korean women-2-lacecat80% of North Korean girls seen on the street wear skirts.

20% wear long trousers, each with their own charm and very feminine gestures.

Most have fair skin and are tall. Relatively speaking, North Korean men are a little shorter and have much poorer skin.

Apart from our male tour guide, he is considered the most handsome of all North Korean men.

Our male guide said that he had served in the army for ten years, and I thought that high-income and handsome men like us male directors would be sought after by girls.

The strength beneath the gentle exterior of North Korean women-3-lacecatBut to my surprise, our male director told me that he was recently dumped by his girlfriend because he didn't have time to be with her.

I said that Korean girls are very gentle and sensitive.

Our male director smiled and corrected my view, saying that North Korean girls are also very tough, and if they get angry, it will be fatal.

The strength beneath the gentle exterior of North Korean women-4-lacecat

I don't know if what our male director said is true, but some North Korean girls are very tough indeed.

I'm not talking about toughness in personality, but toughness in physical strength.

I see a lot of North Korean girls working on some construction sites in North Korea, moving stones and goods. They feel more masculine than men.

What is the book about North Korean women fleeing?

Love's forced landing "In order to survive" comes from the confession of Park Yan mei, a girl who left the North.

Writer Cui Chenghao of "Escape from South Korea"

Behind the book is written:

"On her way to school, she saw corpses lying on the roadside, so hungry that she could only eat wild plant fruits, neighbors disappearing inexplicably, and so on. These were all things that Park Yan Mei had become accustomed to since childhood. She believed that her respected leader could see through her heart, and even punished her for her strange thoughts."

At the age of thirteen, famine and his father's imprisonment forced the Yanmei family to risk their lives crossing the frozen Yalu River and flee from North Korea to China. However, only after arriving in China did she realize that she had fallen into the hands of human traffickers

She spent two years under the control of human traffickers, struggling to survive in a place even more cruel and dangerous than the one she fled from. Later, Yanmei and her mother once again risked their lives to find a way to escape. They crossed the Gobi Desert on a pitch black cold night, following the guidance of the stars towards freedom‘

In Pyongyang, there is a popular best-selling book called "Escape from South Korea". The story tells of a young man named Park Young ho who, under the terrifying rule of South Korean capitalism, suffered from exploitation and oppression, and finally endured hardships. He successfully escaped and discovered a paradise on earth in Pyongyang.

This is Heaven: My North Korean Childhood, Memoirs of Huang Changye, We Are the happiest, The Great Successor, Autobiography of Kim Hyun hee, To Survive: Park Yan mei, a North Korean Girl, and other books about North Korea.

I would like to express a special emotion: compared to North Korea, the scale of our speech here is probably unbelievably large in the eyes of North Koreans.

In North Korea, wealthy North Koreans prepare two sets of DVD cartridges, one in a secret place and the other in the most prominent place at home.

Because the personnel of the security department, which is North Korea's intelligence agency, will suddenly lose power, causing the DVD to get stuck in the machine and cannot be removed. Then the people from the security department.

I will kick the door into your house for inspection. There was a defector named Jiang He who was bored in class when he was young. He drew a portrait of one of the father and son of the Jin family, but was discovered by the teacher. In front of everyone, he beat him up for five minutes.

And let him reflect. Because the portraits of the father and son of the Jin family need to be painted by specific artists, ordinary people painting them, which constitutes a great crime of disobedience. Also, wearing jeans is not allowed because it is a symbol of capitalist corruption.

When Jiang He was still in North Korea, he fantasized about the corrupt and corrupt Western world, where there would be a ridiculous game: a competition to eat, where whoever eats faster and more will receive a certain bonus. As a result, when he really escaped to South Korea, he realized that it was called the Big Stomach King Competition, which really existed.

They imitate the way Koreans speak and fantasize about scenes in Korean TV dramas. Every news release from a father and son pension family requires the public to memorize it. When these defectors fled to South Korea and saw the military parade about North Korea on TV, they immediately reflexively stood up and hummed, completely involuntarily.

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