Vietnamese female celebrities crazily love triathlon

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    34-year-old Vietnamese celebrity crazily loves "triathlon" and tells the story of the beautiful "Ironman competition"

From a timid, afraid of water, afraid of heights, and tired of cycling, the beautiful girl Huang Mingshui (nicknamed "Thuy Top") has transformed into a resilient sports expert, and even bravely competed in harsh competitions such as triathlon.

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   Huynh Minh Thuy (nicknamed Thuy Top) was a shining star among the early Spice Girls.

   Her beauty and sexiness are unmatched, and her multiple identities as an actor, singer, and model add a lot of color to her. Nowadays, she is a director of a media company and a leader in the sports industry.Vietnamese female celebrities crazily love triathlon-4-lacecatVietnamese female celebrities crazily love triathlon-5-lacecatVietnamese female celebrities crazily love triathlon-6-lacecat

This 34 year old beauty is famous for her love of sports. Since 2021, she has been challenging the triathlon (running, cycling, and swimming), which requires tremendous endurance and perseverance.

Minh Thuy stated that she has undergone tremendous changes since starting this challenge.

As a girl who is afraid of water, height, and tired of cycling, Minh Thuy trains in the forest and sea, ultimately breaking all her personal limits.

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My teammates and I sweat together, crossing forests and streams, cycling on steep mountain roads, and cruising on wide rivers.

"I feel ready to face all the challenges," said the beautiful woman. This spicy girl revealed that in her first training in 2019, she completed feats such as swimming 52 kilometers, cycling 430 kilometers, and jogging 307 kilometers in just one year.

Exercise reduced Mingshui's weight from 60 kilograms to a slim figure, transforming her from a small sports white-collar worker in the community to an inspirational figure.Vietnamese female celebrities crazily love triathlon-10-lacecatVietnamese female celebrities crazily love triathlon-11-lacecatVietnamese female celebrities crazily love triathlon-12-lacecat

   She has won people's respect in many sports competitions in Vietnam, including completing the 42km Dalat Ultra Trail full marathon, the 35km La An Ultra Trail, and the 87km Ma Da mountain cycling race.

   Mingshui completed 1900 meter swimming, 90 kilometer cycling, and 21 kilometer running in the toughest triathlon event in Vietnam, held in Danang at 70.3, or completed the 5150 distance triathlon event on Fukuo Island, including 1500 meter swimming, 40 kilometer cycling, and 10 kilometer running.

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 Due to her rebellious attitude towards sports, she is now addicted to every challenge in training.

When I am able to achieve the milestone I have set, the joy is indescribable.

”Minh Thuy said so.

The vibrant sports image and healthy lifestyle of Mingshui often become a topic of discussion on sports forums, making it a goal and motivation for many people to pursue health and exercise.

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